Friday, May 6, 2011

The Bead Thief

Hey There Blog,

It's me.

This time the Bead Thief has resurfaced. I mean, I have no problems with him; but, . . .uh, . . . the only thing that bothers me is his shirt.  It's the only unsettling part of that photo.  I mean, where's Waldo? (Thanks Jenny for the photo from back in our college days during a performance art piece.)

I was trying to get inspired this week, so that is why my bead thief/alter ego came to visit. So Heather was making these beads the other day for Beads on the Table Wednesday and my evil moustache was starting to twitch as I thought about how I could create my own pendants with some sketches. Now we joke about me stealing her ideas but really the Sketchy Pendants that I came up with are a collaboration between the both of us. 

So Heather suggested I get on the computer for inspiration and leave her the hell alone.  So I went onto this thing called the world wide web of the internet.  Have you seen this thing, it's huge?  I mean in 1993 when I was an avid internet surfer I thought I had finished reading it all - I mean there was nothing else to search.  But I guess it kept growing after I turned off the computer in 1993.

So after 3 hours of looking, inspiration stuck when Heather pointed out this cool shop on etsy, Sushi Pot Parts. (That's some of their vintage stuff in the photo above.)  And so from there I started sketching on clay and the end result are these little retro-inspired Sketchy Pendants.
So, that's it.  My latest creations, with a lot of help from Heather.  Okay, so much help they became a collaboration.  Because the only thing the Bead Thief really steals - is her heart.

See you later blog.

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  1. These are just awesome, Jess! I think it is so cool that you and Heather (your lovely wife) can collaborate. The only thing my husband and I collaborated on where our kids (teehee!). I am so glad that you are writing... I think you have a lot of interesting things to say!
    Enjoy the day!