Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello Blog...

So my wife is forcing me, I mean, asking me to do a blog or to blog or something of that sort. In any event, such a chore would be asking too much of me. My writing skills are not adequate yet alone sufficient to convey ideas, thoughts, insights, concerns, questions, or any informative knowledge communicated or received concerning any particular fact or circumstance for an ongoing discourse. But really am I to adopt a bibliographical analysis of issues in my life? Am I to explore abstract concepts? Am I to reflect on what is before my mind as I think? Am I to express ontological questions in a most narrow sense or in a spontaneous manner or in a serious representation/ interpretation to achieve an understanding of life’s significance?  Am I to sustain a  . . . . . . yeah, this is a bit too much!
 Pretentious much?

But really what do I blog about? Keep it simple. Keep it short. What did my wife say? Ah yes, blog about what inspires me; blog about that which entertains; blog about that which educates. Damn, I should have taken that Blog Seminar she teaches occasionally. I’ll try to stay within those parameters.

And so. . . . I blog.

Dear Blog,
The photo is of me. Heather took the picture. (Remember Blog, Heather is my wife) It’s me last month when Heather returned from the Bead Cruise. We spent all Sunday there in Galveston. I was told to smile. So I did.

So what else?  I had much fun. Heather had been gone for a week and I had missed her dearly. I drove from SA to Galveston that morning with both our girls. I put on my best Dr. Who shirt. I even shaved my face and cut my own hair. (I was going for a mohawk, but fat guys with curly hair shouldn’t have mohawks.) I end looking like popcorn head or something.

Anyway, blog you later


PS. No Dear Blog next time. Heather said blogs are not diaries. . . . . I know, you are more of a journal than a diary. And don’t personify a blog. A Blog is not a person. Blogs are not people.

Blogs are not people. . . . . . . Or are they?


  1. The things wives make their husbands do!

  2. you've got me wanting to read more. so i guess you are Blogtastic afterall!

  3. Jesse, you are H.I.larious in the words of Jack and Karen....I'm totally following you!

  4. So happy to see that you have a blog, Jess! Don't worry about what to write...it'll come. I hope you post lots of pictures of your creations. If you post a picture, all you have to say is, "This is what I made today. Hope you like it." See, pretty easy.