Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poems from the Bead Table: Polymer Clay

Hey there Blog,

Want you to meet another guy I know. He is the Bead Poet. He has a preference for seclusion and isolation. He may at times seem a little reclusive with a disposition for solitude and loneliness. But such detachment or alienation does not mean that his privateness defines who he is.  I mean, I don’t really know everything about this adrift and melancholy guy. But he was very instrumental in helping me look less dull and uneventful for Heather. With his help I hope she sees me more edgy and amazing.

And like the Bead Thief and the Bead Mystic, the Bead Poet likes to share his notes, sketchbooks, notebooks, and journals with me. I found this poem in one of his notebooks.
In so much as for his apparent bleak demeanor, he can at times be a funny, cheerfully absorbing poet. I mean, some of his poems are down-right hilarious.
I hope that was his intent. It’s funny, right?

Poems from the Bead Table: Polymer Clay

Oh Polymer, Oh Polymer
From whence has Thou cometh?
Thy Plasticity vexes Me
Like a Novice Bead Newcomer

I hold Thee, I mold Thee
My Hands roll Thou unto Shapes
Odd Spheres full of Finger Prints
Deep Impressions I only see

For Thou lends Thyself unto endless Possibilities
Thy arriveth in numerous Colours
Blend together unto infinite Hues
Ending Mine Bead-making Disabilities

Am I a Bead Maker or an Aspirant Dreamer?
Knowing Thee leads Me to embrace Patience
Constant Practice – so help Me Providence
Oh Polymer, Oh Polymer


That’s that Blog.

Oh Blog, if you see Heath, ask her if I am a little more edgy and amazing?

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    That is me snapping my fingers at your amazing edginess.


    Enjoy the day!